Team Projects: Puppies in Spaaace!

Gameplay Video


“Puppies in Spaaace!” is a brief but hilarious game featuring fast-paced first person action, puzzles, and comic mischief combine to create an immersive experience for all ages. The player controls our canine hero, Puddles, on his quest to defeat the evil Space Kittens. Puddles must venture through a perilous space station filled with incorrigible kittens and villainous vacuums. “Puppies in Spaaace!” keeps players laughing with its whacky mechanics, and cuddly combat.

Cartoony meets mechanical in the cutest of space missions. Fluffy puppies and kittens combine with cold steel space stations and futuristic vacuums to keep the viewers and creators of this game entertained with a variety of styles.

Engine: UDK / Unreal Engine 3 – December 2010 Version
Team: 2 Level Designers, 2 Artists, 1 Programmer, 1 Game Designer and 1 Producer
Role: Lead Level Designer
Development Time: 7 weeks / 18 hours per week


  • Designed a streaming system and convention to seamlessly load all the sections
  • Incorporated a workflow system hat allowed all designers to work in cohesion
  • Responsible to maintain and update the Level Design Document
  • Designed and implemented the first stage of the boss battle
  • Collaborated with the enemy balance on the second and third boss stages


Image Gallery
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In this area the player learns how to "Bark". I collaborated in the overall design of this section.

Tutorial Section: Barking

Boss intro cinematic: Short cinematic that can be seen in the “Gameplay Video”. The cinematic was designed to show the overall space and to give a hint to the player on how the boss attacks during this stage.

Boss Intro Cinematic

First Boos Stage: On this stage the boss attacks the player using the tentacles. To make this happen I created the kismet sequence that allows the Vacuum to attack and move.

First Boss Stage: Tentacles

In this stage the player has to evade the vacuum while making it swallow the Zombee cats. My collaboration for this stage was balancing the enemy attacks and spawn rate.

Second Boss Stage

Intro for the final boss stage. I collaborated in the overall creative process for this sequence.

Final boss stage intro

Final boss stage: Here the final boss tele-transports randomly while shooting flaming balls at the player.

Final Boss Stage