Team Projects: Brig

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Brig is a single-player, third-person action-survival game developed with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). The game revolves around a prisoner known as 8896 who attempts to escape a futuristic space asylum after an unknown incident causes the ship’s restraining measures to malfunction. As 8896, the player finds a Prisoner Control Unit (PCU) which allows the player to incapicitate other inmates through strangulation and decapitation as well as navigate the ship’s “herder” system by toggling off and on safety zones. If outside of the safety zone for an extended period of time, the prisoner’s collar activates and decapitates the prisoner. Brig takes inspiration from games like Dead Space and is aimed at mature audiences.

Engine: UDK / Unreal Engine 3 – June 2011 Version
Team: 5 Level Designers, 4 Artists, 2 Programmers, 1 Game Designer and 1 Producer
Role: Lead Level Designer
Development Time: 20 weeks / 22 hours per week


  •  Created several documents to establish and define good practices and workflow
  • Implemented a streaming system that permitted the Level Designers to work in cohesion, and allowed all levels to load in seamlessly
  • Responsible to maintain the Level Design Documents updated
  • Delegated various tasks to the Level Designers
  • Designed and implemented the checkpoint system
  • Collaborated in finding and integrating sounds
  • Collaborated with the overall game building of the second level by adding lights, environmental story telling and balancing enemy encounters


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The Player is taking the Gondola to a, supposedly, safe spot when suddenly the gondola crashes with a crane, making it fall. For this particular area I designed the matinee that makes this sequence possible.

Gondola Ride

Environmental storytelling: When the ship got hit by asteroids the instruments started malfunctioning causing fires all over the ship, and knocking down objects.

Environmental Storytelling

Puzzle room: To be able to leave this level the player needs to activate the mechanisms in this room.

Herder Maintenance Room

Environmental Storytelling: Is this it an unfortunate accident or was it cause by someone? My main responsibilities for this area was adding clutter, environmental storytelling and designing various light functions to simulate “emergency” lights.

Unfortunate Accident?

The player is activating a control panel in the "Herder Maintenance Room" to gain access to another area below this room. The things I'm responsible in this room is adding a shimmering light to the control panel to help guide the player to what he needs to do next.

Activating a Control Panel

Kismet Scripting: I created several generic sequences on the main persistent level so they could be used on all levels.

Scripting – Reusable Sequences

Kismet Scripting: This script initializes the game and determines where to spawn the player after he dies.

Scripting – Game initialization

Kismet Scripting: This sequence determines where to spawn the player and depends on the last checkpoint the player activated.

Kismet – Checkpoint system