Engine: Gears of War/Unreal Editor 3
Development Time: 150 hours


The Last Stand, is a single player level for Gears of War that takes place within and old temple located near an emulsion river. The level takes place shortly after the end of Gears of War 2 when the carrier Sovereign is searching for resources. Dom and Marcus are sent to defend the last known source of fuel against an impending Locust attack.

My goal for this level is to create a relatively small, reusable open environment that players can access in its entirely when the level starts. This gives them plenty of strategic options to out-maneuver the enemies. My biggest challenge was balancing gameplay for all types of players as enemies can come from any area of the map instead of a predictable linear route. This was extremely beneficial to me, as I’m particularly interested in playing and making games that are not linear in nature and that allow me the option to use any type of strategy that players deem necessary.


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Work In Progress

Alpha Build

Initial Layout, BSP blocking and some basic meshes to start getting the feeling of the overall space.

Initial Level Layout

First texture and mesh pass. Here I defined the overall geometry and play space.

First texture and mesh pass.

After defining the play-space I proceed to script the AI pathing and cover.

Initial scripting cover and AI pass.

Beta Build

At this stage the overall aesthetics of the level resemble a believable abandoned temple.

Back area of the temple.

This area is where the cavalry arrives and the player has to protect them using the Troikas mounted at the top of the building.

Front area of the temple

This is the interior area of the level, pieces of the crumbled ceiling are still laying on the floor and can conveniently be used as cover.

Temple Interior.

This space serves as an open space to fight the final boss, also, to keep the gameplay dynamic several enemies can randomly spawn in this area while the player is in other areas of the level.

Right Courtyard.

Starting point of the level. The player can always return to this space to resupply ammo or change weapons.

Back Courtyard.

Overview of the interior area where the ceiling collapsed.

Temple Interior.