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Engine: Half Life 2/Source SDK (Hammer)
Development Time: 96 hours


This mini level takes place in the city of Ravenholm before the Combine attacked the city with a headcrab shell bombardment. This is an alternate reality space where Gordon mysteriously appears inside one of the buildings in the city, and when he arrives the Combine attack is in full force. Armed with only the gravity gun, Gordon now needs to use whatever means necessary to change the tide of the battle. This is a single player mission for Half Life 2.

Design Goals:

  • Player limited to the physics gun
  • Tower defense style gameplay
  • Give the player several options to defend the base
Initial concept for the level.

Initial concept for the level.


Finalized version of the level

Finalized version of the level



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This is the starting point, but the player can always come back here if he needs health or armor.

Rebels Area

This is one of the four spawn locations for Combine soldiers. When the light is red (As shown) it means the spawn point is active.

Combine Spawn Point

Several rebels help and heal the player when needed. But the player needs to protect them, if they all die the player fails the mission.


This area has been blocked out from the city due to a zombie outbreak. An explosion can easily destroy the panels and let the zombies out into the "safe" zone.

Quarantine Area

The Zombie infestation is coming from the city canals.


The player has the option of destroying the panels that restrain the zombies in the canals, and thus letting them attack the Combine. But if the zombies get out of control the Rebels might also die.

Sweet Freedom