Unreal Tournament 3: Ice World

Gameplay Video

Engine: UT3/Unreal Editor 3
Development Time: 96 hours

Ice World is a multiplayer map for the “Capture The Flag” gametype in Unreal Tournament III. The map is balanced for four player teams, but up to 16 players can play as well. Location is set on a frozen planet named Phrygia, where the two groups battle to gain control.

The level layout features an ice glacier at the center of the map and the players can battle for dominance of the glacier to gain strategic advantage. The level also has several underground tunnels for the players who wish to avoid the glacier battle, and decide to sneak through the enemy base. These features help create a fast-paced action packed experience.

Design Goals:

  • Create an engaging and fun “Capture the Flag” map
  • Design the level to allow different path choices and gameplay styles
  • Familiarize with the Unreal Tournament 3 editor and assets
The main structural and gameplay focus is the glacier at the center. The team that controls the glacier has better chances of capturing the flag.

Initial version of the map



Image Gallery
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Human base overview. Here the blue team is taking advantage of the sniper position located in the center of the map.

Human Base Overview

View of the interior space of the Red Base (Human base). This area serves as a cooldown section to collect health and armor and then go back to the action through the elevators in the corner (not shown in the picture). Sneaky players can also use this area to approach the red flag unnoticed.

Inside the Human Base

Frontal view of the Red Base. Here we can observe the various entrances to the base and the flag location on top of the building.

Red Base Front

A sneaky player taking advantage of the underground tunnels.

Mining Tunnels

Interior view of the Blue Base.

Blue Base

Panoramic view from the top of the Blue Base.

Top of Blue Base

View of the Red Base from the glacier.

Red Base Overview

View of the Blue Base from the central glacier.

Blue Base Overview