Unreal Tournament 3: Untamed Planet

Gameplay Video

Engine: UT3/Unreal Editor 3
Development Time: 120 hours

Untamed Planet is a re-imagining of DM17: The Longest Yard level from Quake III: Arena. The map maintains the same frantic, Jumppad heavy gameplay, but the location is set on an Earth-like planet covered with lush jungle-like vegetation.

This is a multiplayer map for the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch gametypes in Unreal Tournament III. The main feature of the level is the dynamic weather which changes at random intervals and keeps cycling for the duration of the fight. The weather changes help balance the gameplay as not a single play style can dominate the action.

Design Goals:

  • Design a new theme for “DM17 The longest Yard”  level from “Quake III: Arena” while maintaining the original layout and gameplay
  • Portrait an abandoned ancient temple inside a rain forest
  • Create a chaotic whether pattern to enhance the selected theme
Final level layout.

Final level layout.



Image Gallery
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Sniper platform can be seen in the distance. The heavy rain and fog reduces the advantages of that location motivating the players to change strategies.

Area Overview

After the rain stops an eerie fog covers the area.  The flood remains for a while longer before the water returns to it’s normal level. This sequence in the chain of events help sell the environment and theme.

Foggy Stage

Lightning illuminates the area enhancing the overall ambience of the level.

Thunder and Lightning

Several minutes after the rain stops the water returns to it's normal level.

Flooding Subsides.

Frontal view of the temple showing the different stages.

Front of the Temple

Frontal view of the temple when flooded. Players can still access the jumpads to swiftly exit the area.

Flooding Section

This image shows the “calm” state of the weather, stormy clouds and constant thunders prelude the beginnings of another storm.

Clear View

This kismet script starts the chain of events that flood the level. It happens at random intervals from 10 to 35 seconds.

Kismet Scripting 1

This second part of the script floods the level by activating several water volumes. Once the flood subsides the cycle starts again.

Kismet Scripting 2