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Engine: Gears of War/Unreal Editor 3
Development Time: 96 hours

This mission takes place five months after the end of Gears of War 1, and one month before the sinking of Jacinto at the end of Gears of War II. Marcus and Dom went to investigate the reappearance of the Locusts near the city of Jannermont, and when they arrived they found a city in ruins. The play-style for this mission is standard Gears of War cover/shoot gameplay with the addition of destructible environments to aid the player eliminate hordes of enemies. This is a single player mission for Gears of War.

Design Goals:

  • Add destructible sections of the environment that the player can use as an alternative way of killing enemies
  • Create a memorable tense encounters with the Berserker
  • Design a level that fits inside the Gears of War Universe in both aesthetics and story
Initial level concept.

Initial level concept.


Finalized version of the level

Finalized version of the level



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Destructible columns. When the player shoots these columns they collapse killing any enemies below. To differentiate them from normal columns they have a shimmering light to help the player notice they are special.

Destructible Columns

After the player shoots the columns, the ceiling collapses killing all the enemies below.

Collapsed Ceiling

Emergence hole opening. This section has plenty of cover for the player to move around and strategize.


First Berserker encounter. The goal was to create a mini wow moment of the Berserker smashing through a wall.


The way out of this section is blocked with debris, in order to exit this area the player needs to lure the Berserker and make her charge against the debris to clear a path.

Using the Berserker to clear a path

As the player moves through the warehouse a swarm of Wretches attack from both entrances, as this is happening the Berserker is running and smashing through things in the lower section.

Tense moment inside the Warehouse

As the player leaves the warehouse, the Berserker emerges once again.

Final push!

To defeat the Berserker the player needs to lure her to the big gas containers.

Final encounter

After the Berserker hits the gas containers a cinematic plays.

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