Fallout 3: Research Vault

Gameplay Video

Engine: Gamebryo (GECK)
Development Time: 120 hours

This is a single player mission for Fallout 3. The Lone Wanderer encounters several Brotherhood of Steel members in front of Vault 101, and upon talking with their commander, she explains that they are after a group or mercenaries and could use the Lone Wanderer’s help. This mission focuses on exploration, as the Brotherhood of Steel does not know the location of the mercenaries, but they know the general area of where they are heading.

Design Goals:

  • Create a new area with the “look and feel” of Fallout 3, both on story and aesthetics
  • Encourage exploration and allow freedom of choice, as it is accustomed with Fallout games
Initial Concept of the outside area.

Exterior area of Vault 001: Initial Concept

Initial version of the vault interior.

Vault Map: Initial Concept


Finalized version of the exterior area.

Finalized version of the exterior area.


Finalized version of the interiors.

Finalized version of the interiors.



Image Gallery
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This in in front of Vault 101. Placing the quest giver here allows easy access to the mission.

Main Quest Giver

Lonely frail old lady living inside a cave. The player encounters her while traveling to Vault 001. Placing the Side-quest mission along the main quest path allows easy access to a quest that helps the player get familiar with the new area.

Side Quest Giver

Gertrud's kitchen inside the cave. Exploring this section gives the player a hint of Gertrud’s mental sanity.

Exploring the Cave

View of the exterior area outside Gertrud's cave.

Area outside Gertrud’s cave

The player discovered the gruesome end of Gertrud's husband.

Unfortunate Accident?

Main Objective location, the player needs to reach this location in order to continue with the main mission. This area is a point of interest near the critical path so the player won’t miss it.

The Mercenaries

The Vault has several Skeleton Keys scattered around and finding them is an “optional” step of the main quest. This way low-leveled players can use the keys to gain access to locked doors.

Vault Skeleton Key

The storage room of the Research Vault is full of modified weapons and armor the player can use.

Research Vault Storage Room

Vertibird taking off after the player finished the mission. This sequence is dependent on the player choices throughout the main quest.

Vertibird Takeoff

Quest-giver script.

GECK Script 1

Dialog tree for the quest giver.

GECK Script 2